El Angel Pimenton

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This is not an expensive or fancy product, but it's quality is undeniable. For over 135 years Pimenton El Angel has been producing in La Vera, Extremadura.  It remains family owned today.  Pimenton El Angel still uses the same traditional methods and works with farming families who have been growing for them for many generations.  El Angel is widely recognized as producing one of the best pimento produced in Spain.  It’s deep smoky flavour, intense colour, flavour and aroma are unmistakable.  The process starts in the fields with the pimenton left on the vine until late in the season.  This allows their natural sugars, colour and flavour to fully develop.  After handpicking they are smoked and dried slowly over smouldering oak wood fires. The drying and smoking process continues very slowly for an unbelievable ten to fifteen days.  This leaves the paprika with a fantastic, intense smoky flavour.  Finally the dried peppers are stone ground slowly four times.  This low temperature, repeated grinding preserves the colour and flavour characteristics. This is vastly different from how most smoked paprika is made.  Most smoked paprika is fast dried with electric or gas ovens and smoked over wood chips for only a few hours (if artificial smoke is not used).  Then a fast grinding results in loss of flavour, colour and aroma.
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