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We are honoured to introduce Australia to Yamaki Jozo. Yamaki Jozo is a family owned company founded in 1902. They are committed to carrying on traditional preserving methods and are widely venerated as important guardians of Japanese culture. Shoyu of this quality is rare even in Japan and it will certainly be the best you have ever had. And the best part.... it's not at all expensive. Here's an excerpt from the Japanese Times by our friend and author Nancy Singleton Hachisu. Tomio is the head of the family. Tomio Kitani views organic farming as normal — the natural way to grow food. Consequently, he feels an innate responsibility to make traditional Japanese products the way they have been made for generations and to shun modern shortcuts. And that sense of history is exactly why Kitani is aligned with the venerable House of Shijo in support of the ancient food traditions of Japan. Tsukasake Shijo, the 41st-generation Shijo head of this very old Kyoto family, comes out to Yamaki Jozo twice a year for the ceremonial rice planting and harvesting, and invites Kitani each year for an audience with the Emperor to present him with soy sauce. The vast majority of Japanese people consume soy sauce produced from defatted soy grits rather than whole soybeans and do not even know the difference. Kitani puts the current food culture into perspective with these apt words: “It has taken only 70 years to destroy a 1,000-year-old food tradition.” Japan Times 29 April 2014
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