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Fenn Foods is a Vegan specialty food producer owned by exceptionally talented chef Alejandro Cancino and his wife Paola. With so many vegan products entering the market that taste horrible and often are filled with undesirable additives it's wonderful that Fenn Foods is totally committed to it's products being healthy and delicious. It's no surprise that Alejandro has made delicious products as he is one of the most talented chefs in Australia. At only 33 years old Alejandro is co-owner and executive chef of Urbane (3 Hats) and the Euro (1 Hat) and has been widely recognised for excellence having been named the 2008 Young Chef of the Year in the U.K., the 2013 Best New Talent - Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards, the 2013 Chef of the Year by The Good Food Guide. Fenn verb : Planting Seeds Mapuche : indigenous language and people from South America Fenn Foods Ethos Fenn Foods mission is to bring to the consumers the most ethically sourced and delicious plant based products. 1. Produce delicious food 2. All products are 100% plant based 3. Work towards environmentally friendly practices 4. Be a healthier alternative 5. NO GMOs 6. Source local & organic produce when possible 7. Give back to society
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