La Tortilleria

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La Tortilleria has come a long way since 2013 when the aroma of freshly pressed tortillas first filled the air of a quiet back street in Kensington. Our story begins when Gerardo, a proud Mexican who had settled in Australia, met Diana, a passionate traveller with a love of Mexican food and culture. While Australians were beginning to enjoy real Mexican food, Gerardo and Diana felt something was still missing; truly authentic corn tortillas. The only tortillas widely available were either imported frozen, or made from processed imported tortilla flour. Longing for the tortillas they loved so much from the villages of Mexico - baked from freshly ground corn kernels - the duo decided to recreate the millennia old ‘nixtamal’ craft here in Australia, using all local ingredients. After sourcing a stone mill and tortilla ovens from Mexico and finding Aussie farmers to grow their corn, they started baking. Soon fresh, healthy, traditionally made corn tortillas were coming out of the oven. Australians were long overdue for a taste of authentic Mexican food, and since that day food lovers have never looked back.
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