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Michel Renoux grew up in the small village of Saint-Sulpice-la-Foret in the heart of Brittany’s cider country. Three things were naturally in his blood – the sea, food and cider vinegar. Making cider in Brittany is not just a pastime it’s a way of life. “My mother was a chef and so I was born more or less in the trade” Michel explains. “On my father’s side there was the navy, and on my mother’s side the cooking – I picked both worlds”.

Michel grows his own varieties of apples and hand crafts his vinegars in his cellar in Stanley which houses rows of 1000 litre tanks of cider being transformed into vinegar by the ‘mother’ which is a jelly like mass that floats on top of the cider. It consists of a thick web of acetic acid bacteria which protects the vinegar below from oxidising, creating a beautifully sharp vinegar with surprising sweetness. Michel’s vinegars range from apple cider vinegar to pommo which is a darker, sweeter vinegar made from caramelised apples and then a much darker almost black vinegar called l’aigre-doux which is deliberately burnt turning the sugar of the apples black and creating a distinct sweet and sour taste which he explains is not appealing to look at but has a fantastic flavour.
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